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Those are the words I entered into a search engine because I was interested in obtaining a house for free. I could not think of any other way to find one so I resorted to the Internet. If you want to try it, be prepared for some slapstick findings.

I tell you this upfront so you won’t be disappointed with what pops up on your computer. I went to one site where the person was selling a book on “free houses” but failed to put even one buy button on the sales page.

His idea sounded plausible but seeing this huge faux pas I assumed his material was less than worthless. I don’t know that for sure since I couldn’t buy his book to read, because he doesn’t allow anyone to buy it.

I did find a budding entrepreneur who offered free homes to anyone who agreed to abide by some, what I consider, draconian conditions. They weren’t very clear on the extent of the freeness, ie, I couldn’t tell if the offered homes were really free and clear to anyone who did abide by the conditions because all they mentioned were the conditions.