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So the time has come to wave goodbye to the first time homebuyer credit. If you are working with first time home buyers and you haven’t locked down a property in escrow by the end of next month your clients might not be able to make the deadline of Dec 1, 2009 to get that rebate. Remember that escrow or the real estate transaction must be closed, finalized and done by Dec 1, 2009. Some people think that as long as the property is in the closing process by Dec 1 they would still get the credit but that is false. I’m sorry to inform you but it has to be completely closed.

An Extension to the First Time Home Buyer Credit?

With that said many people have been asking me if I knew if they were going to extend the first time home buyer credit. I had not heard of anything so I did a little research and low and behold there was a bill introduced back in June 10, 2009. This bill has not received too much attention because people were not worried about the tax credit expiring. Now that the clock is ticking I am sure the tax credit will be coming back into the lexicon a lot stronger in the next couple months

If you have never followed a bill in your life then you might want to take notice as an investor, real estate agent, loan officer etc. This one will affect you once it’s passed until it expires in 2011.