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As everyone knows, the real estate market is in the tank – at least that is the overall perception. On the other hand, we all have heard that there are people who are still making money in real estate. At least they say they are.

If it is true that people are making money, here is a quiz that should be a no brainer. By the way, this quiz won’t be graded. Not by me at least. You may decide to give yourself a grade just for grins.

The Setting

Lets say you live in a housing market that has been described by a national real estate forecast service as the country’s “weakest housing market.” It is projected to have the biggest decline in value in the next 12 months among all housing markets in the nation with a 12 percent median price dip for both new and existing single-family homes.

In making its determination, the forecast service looked at 260 metro areas using more than 50 variables, including housing supply, population trends, unemployment and inflation. And, speaking of unemployment, your area has just seen a full one percent spike upward.

Market Trends, News & Commentary
2 many of the headlines and articles I’ve been reading lately, you really would think the end of the world is near. Now, I’m not that paranoid but there are certain things you need to do to protect yourself, specifically from the coming wave of inflation, thanks to the governments spending spree of trillions of dollars. If you don’t take the steps I’m about to share with you… you might find yourself with a lot less money.

First of course, is to continue to invest in real estate. Buy as many houses as you can while we still have these rock bottom prices. Most likely we won’t see these large of discounts for another 20 to 30 years. And when inflation finally kicks in, real estate is one of the best assets to own. There will be a run-up in prices in the next few years and the more houses you own, obviously the more money you will make.


Second, buy some gold. Yes, I’m serious about this. Gold is another great hedge against inflation. As the value of the dollar erodes thanks to Uncle Sam’s spending, gold prices will have a huge increase. So where do you buy gold and what type? Personally, I like the South African Krugerrand. It’s one of the world’s most well-known gold coins, and each coin weighs one ounce of gold. So as I write this, gold is worth $954.10 per ounce. Which means each Krugerrand is worth $954.10. The best site I’ve found is to buy these coins (no I do not have any affiliation with this site; it’s just based on a lot of research I have done).

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