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First of all, I should tell you that I do not have the faintest notion why those dudes stole the freaking salmon from a fish hatchery in Kennewick, Washington! I can only tell you that, according to the Kennewick website, the dude allegedly stole the entire salmon. Doesn’t say if he was hungry or trying to sell the fish on the black market (is there a black market for salmon???) or whether he was, perhaps, romantically involved in some way with the big fish. Look, we are talking about Kennewick, Washington, so anything pretty much goes.

Now what brought me to the official Kennewick website in the first place, you may ask? (That’s okay. If you didn’t ask it, I just did.)

I’ll get to that in a minute. But first…for those not familiar with Kennewick, Washington (and I’m guessing that’s like 99% of you, right?) it is a city of almost 66 thousand people (and an unknown number of salmon I’m guessing) that is about a three and a half hour drive from Seattle.

In the winter, the temperature rarely drops below 44 degrees and in the summer seldom climbs much above 88. Except when it does.

The city is in Benton County which fits very nicely into the southeastern portion of this northwestern state.

And, did I tell you that Forbes ranks it number two in job growth for the entire United States? (Suppose that could mean it has just added two new jobs!)

Now I am getting to the interesting part.