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She’s smiling again.

Now, grant it, this might not seem like much to you, but, trust me, this could be the biggest sign to date that the real estate market is finally starting to turn around…if only a bit.

She, is a real estate agent who has been selling units in my Los Angeles building for maybe five or more years now.

In recent years, since the recession set in, her visits, with possible buyers in tow, became fewer and farther between.

And, when she did show up, the expression on her face made her look as if she had just drank a powerful laxative for breakfast. Yeah, that bad.

She apparently wasn’t selling….but neither was anyone else. How she managed to even go to work in the morning is beyond me?

And then things began to change . . .

In recent weeks, though, I could not help but notice that she suddenly seemed to have a fresh glow about her. Her smile was there again and it looked like she may have even had a coating of sparkle surgically applied to her perfect teeth.

If she weren’t a real estate agent, I would have thought her glow suggestive of….well… know….we’re all adults!