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Many mobile home sellers have no idea they’re making these mistakes — yet they’re often costly. Decrease stress and increase profits by avoiding these.

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Over the last few years I’ve been trying to keep track of the responses received when strangers or new people learn that I am an active mobile home investor. Below is a list of the most popular things people say when I tell them, I am a mobile home investor.

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Once a single person begins to focus thier energy on their “one thing” the results begin to compound upon themselves. Much like pushing over dominoes; a falling domino can topple over a domino 150% its own mass. In the same way your focusing on the “one thing” begins a journey that starts with making contact with a stranger and ends with a happy buyer and seller.

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There are likely going to be passionate investors on both sides of the fence supporting or condemning the idea of keeping a seller inside of his or her property after you have bought it. This is mentioned because it is important to remember that you always have free will. Ultimately the choice will be yours when you are presented with the situation, do you keep a seller inside their property after it sold to get the deal done? Do you agree to let them stay or demand the property be vacant as soon as you pay them for their home?