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The exterior of any mobile home you purchase should ideally be aesthetically pleasing to your buyer and should absolutely be safe and weather-tight. Below is a short list of common areas you will find exterior repairs needed concerning many used mobile homes.

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Why would any rational real estate investor waste his or her resources buying and selling used mobile homes? Below we take a look at even more areas to be concerned with while investing in used mobile homes inside pre-existing mobile home parks.

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In this article, we will discuss the importance of understanding your local mobile home market, local buyers, and local sellers. By the end of the short list below you should have a much better understanding of your plan and mindset moving forward into the fall and winter months while investing in mobile homes and manufactured homes inside parks in the US.

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Why will many park managers help you? Not all park managers will instantly welcome you into their community with open arms, however the vast majority of community managers will be open to the possibility of working with you and giving you a chance to invest in an individual mobile home inside their community.

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Almost all the mobile homes I have purchased that were FREE or for $1.00 were negotiated down from a much higher original asking price. If a seller is willing to give away their home for free then it is likely because nobody else is willing to step into their shoes and take on the responsibility of owning this headache mobile home. Either way there are a number of things to consider before jumping into any free mobile home opportunity.

Investor Stories and Lessons keep_it_real

Below are three examples of when being 100% honest with people has come back to bite me in the behind. I am happy to say that none of these events were fatal to my business however I wish I had known about them prior to making these silly mistakes.

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