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This is the sort of crap (sorry, I meant to say something far more tame, but the only word that came to mind was crap! Will gladly take submissions for other words, though) that makes people get really upset (I had thought of a different word for “upset” but, in this case, was able to come up with the tamer word “upset” rather than pissed….ooops, sorry, didn’t mean to say that! Upset, is what I mean to say!) when they listen or read so-called experts riff on the economy.

In a Reuters story called “U.S. housing starts keep recovery hopes alive,” (which doesn’t really say anything, but makes a nifty headline to make fun of) one of these experts, a dude named Kurt Kari, is quoted as saying, “The economy is recovering, this is the turning of the corner. We will have positive growth this quarter, but not a lot of strength. It very much looks like a U-shaped recovery rather than V-shaped.”

What the hell does that mean? A U-shaped recovery rather than V-shaped? Why not a W-shaped recovery, which would combine the best of U and V?