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Okay. I have waited long enough. I have sat back and watched as all those so-called “experts” came up with all sorts of schemes to save banks, car companies, brokerage houses, their own asses, space ships (maybe not space ships…but, hell, why not?) and democracy. It is about time I stepped in with my own schemes (I mean plans) to fix what is wrong with the entire housing/real estate market. I know this is bold of me, but someone has to do the dirty work and I figure it might as well be me!

Of course, I am not above stealing (I mean adopting) the programs of others for my own purposes. Does this make me a bad person? I think not! It may make me a politician, but not a bad person.

Cash for Stinkers

First, then—-we have cash for clunkers…why not cash for stinkers? All those homes on the verge of foreclosure