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homeless shelterTo start this game of let’s-pretend, take all the money out of your wallet except for $25. If you have less than $25, put in the additional cash to get to $25. If you don’t have the additional cash anywhere, skip to the end of this post – you don’t need to play this game.

$25 is actually a pretty useful amount of money. You could fill the gas tank of a small car, buy a couple of pizzas, or take your honey to the movies, complete with popcorn. $25 feels pretty comfortable in the old wallet.

However, you can’t afford to have fun with your $25. You have to live on it. It’s all the money you have in the world until you can make some more. What’s more, nobody’s going to loan you any money. You don’t have a credit card or any friends or family members you could squeeze for a few extra bucks.