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real estate bailout mortgageAn article out of the McClatchy Newspapers group caught my eye today…in particular some numbers that may not bode well for a robust real estate industry recovery any time soon.

Bailout and Regulation Nation

The article, about how a new financial world order has emerged out of the wreckage of the sub-prime mortgage fueled disaster that exploded one year ago this week, explains why it may take many years to climb back even half way up that economic ladder most of us fell down from last September.

Investor Financing & Creative REI

real-estate-opportunityWe’ve all heard the saying that opportunity only knocks once.

Do you feel like you missed the boat?

Many investors that were not prepared for this current historic market of record low prices and interest rates feel that their boat has set sail and they did not get a chance to participate.

American author Louis L’Amour said it best. He said, “Some say opportunity knocks only once. That is not true. Opportunity knocks all the time, but you have to be ready for it. If the chance comes, you must have the equipment to take advantage of it.”

Well, I have good news for you my friends. Another wave of foreclosures is coming and you have some time to prepare for it. The historic market you think you missed is coming back and better than ever.

So Winston, where is this second wave of foreclosures coming from?

The 2nd wave of foreclosures is coming due to the following 4 reasons: