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Buildium Property Management Software: BiggerPockets Review

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Buildium property management software helps property owners, landlords, and managers organize, track, and implement every stage of the management process. From listings to payments and maintenance requests to tax forms, Buildium is designed to serve as a property management company's primary hub. Developed by landlords, Buildium demonstrates an acute understanding of how to simplify the property management process. Historically, Buildium offered a landlord-specific product, but today their marketing and tools both target larger property management firms. 

Because Buildium can be accessed via personal computer and mobile app, it keeps information cohesive, consistent, and easily accessible for all your staff members—whether they work in the field and in the office. 

Quick facts

Available listings are customizable and syndicated on popular, searchable websites, such as Zillow, HotPads, and Trulia

Interested parties can schedule showings online based on your preset calendar availability

Collect data, fees, and e-signatures through Buildium, and manage all applicants in one trackable database

Run credit, criminal, and eviction screenings

Individual portals for tenants and owners streamline communication and provide instant access to information

Leases, updates, notices, e-mails, insurance, and other records are all kept in one place

Tenants can pay security deposits, monthly rent, and late fees online via EFT or credit card

Tenants can post maintenance requests to Buildium for easier tracking and fewer phone calls

Owner payments, vendor bills, and other expenses can be made via EFT

Sync with Happy Inspector so any staff member can perform thorough inspections in the field via their mobile device

Keep track of your overall business income and expenses, run financial reports, and e-file 1099 statements for clients and vendors

A customizable, professional website acts as the launchpad of your Buildium interface

Connect with potential owners to grow business in your area with pay-per-lead advertising through All Property Management.

Users have mixed reviews about Buildium’s user support. Most BiggerPockets forum commenters have found Buildium’s communication to be helpful, including Blake Garcia of Big Sandy, TN, who says, “The support has been great and I honestly wouldn't have needed it if I just read instructions.” Still, a few have felt disappointed, such as Marla B. from Tulsa, OK, who testifies to long hold times for support-related phone calls. 

With so many features, there’s bound to be some education needed to fully realize Buildium’s potential. To solve this, they developed Buildium Academy, an online training program that property managers can navigate at their own pace. Buildium Academy walks users through how-to videos and practice quizzes in order to


Buildium offers three service tiers of service, each with their own set of monthly charges and fees, so property managers can choose the best product for their situation. Pricing is based on the number of rental units being managed, and Buildium’s easy-to-use pricing slider helps you determine the exact costs for each product as you build your business.

Starting at $50 per month.

This option is available for landlords or property management companies 150 rental units or fewer. Note that with the Core plan, you’ll pay extra for: 

  • Incoming payments: $1
  • Outgoing payments: $0.50
  • Screenings: $15
  • Credit card transactions: 2.95 percent
  • Business bank account setup: $99
  • E-lease documents: $5
  • Mobile inspections: $99, plus $40 per month. 
Starting at $160 per month.

  • Free incoming payments
  • Free bank account setups
  • Mobile inspections
  • 30 free e-lease documents per month. 
There are still additional charges for: 

  • Screening: $18
  • Outgoing payments: $0.50
  • Credit card transactions: 2.95 percent. 
Starting at $460 per month.

  • Coaching and business development assistance
  • Advanced analytics and insights.

Pros and cons


  • Comprehensive tools to support an overall property management business model
  • Two levels of service—choose the best plan for your needs
  • Accessibility from both office and mobile devices
  • Easy-to-use training and troubleshooting videos to optimize usage
  • Portals for both owners and renters help to consolidate communication 

Buildium Cons

  • Monthly fees and per-transaction costs may be too pricey for smaller companies
  • Additional costs for some services

What Kind of Investors Should Use Buildium?

Buildium is best for multiple-unit property managers seeking to streamline their business. Landlords who are self-managing several properties may also find this software helpful. Buildium’s strengths lie in its ability to coordinate information, so it is best utilized by managers who have lots of data streams—a.k.a. rental units—to coordinate.

Because of the pricing structure, Buildium does not seem well-suited to landlords and property managers who are running smaller operations. Jason Hartley says, “I know when I was a startup landlord, I wasn't going to sink $60 [per month] into software for managing 25 rentals.” Features would likely not be fully utilized, so you would get less value for your monthly investment. 

Property managers know that time is money—so Buildium’s greatest value comes from time savings. If a property manager finds they are overwhelmed by communication and record keeping, the Buildium software could pay for itself in saved time over the long haul. Buildium would be a great asset

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