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Innago Property Management Software: BiggerPockets Review

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Innago is an easy-to-use tenant management tool best for small- to mid-size landlords. Since the service is free, it’s a good bet for a value-minded user.

Quick facts

Innago offers transparent payment tracking and secure data transmission. Rental payments made on Innago reach the user’s bank account one business day after the tenant pays. Tenants can even automate their payments, which landlords and managers can set up monthly, weekly, or in another customized interval. To pay, tenants can connect their checking or savings account or a debit or credit card for use on both desktop and mobile. 

Landlords can automate late fees, charging percentages, flat fees, repeating fees—or customized however you prefer. Tenants will be notified of these compounding fees, and the platform enforces the requirement to pay.

Users can generate and export collection reports. All financial records can be exported to Excel and most other financial programs. Innago also integrates with Quickbooks. 

Users can customize the frequency for automated invoices, charging tenants monthly, weekly, or in any other payment interval.

Customizable lease templates can be later edited and revised as needed.

Tenants and landlords can sign lease agreements through the platform to avoid the need for scheduling with multiple parties—it even allows mobile signing, convenient if a party is unavailable or out of state. Sign and store as many leases as needed.

The platform offers tenant screening, with instantaneous reporting. Screening services, powered by TransUnion, include the applicant’s credit, criminal, and eviction history. Users can also create custom rental applications, and embed them in marketing websites.

Through Innago, users can receive and respond to maintenance tickets, with services including messaging, photo and video, and a tenant maintenance portal. 

Innago’s service also comes with 24-7 phone and email support.


Innago is free for property managers, owners, and tenants, so naturally it is a good option for users seeking value. Free services include: 

  • Rent collection
  • Phone and email support
  • Late fees and invoice automation
  • Online leasing and document storage
  • Financial tracking and reporting
  • Work order tracking
  • Communications and messaging. 

There are some paid services available, which are generally charged to tenants. These include: 

  • Criminal, credit, and eviction history: $30 to $35
  • Credit or debit card payments: 2.75 percent charge
  • ACH payments: $2 fee—and landlords can absorb this charge if preferred.

Pros and cons


  • Clearly, a main pro to Innago is the value it offers: It’s a free service for users.
  • Users report good customer services experiences on the platform. 
  • The platform collects tenant rent and delivers it quickly — promising it reaches the user’s account in one business day, shorter than industry average. 
  • Users appreciate that Innago not only automates late fees but holds tenants accountable for them.


  • The Innago platform is simple and streamlined — and while that makes it easy to use, some users (especially larger investors) may find they miss some of the tools offered by other more feature-rich platforms.
  • Each Innago account can only have one sign-on, not individual sign-ons for multiple users (which is why it’s right for the smaller investor).
  • Some users note a learning curve for features such as setting up leases.

What BiggerPockets users say...

  • The staff there have been really helpful ... I have never had any issues with getting my payments once my tenants make their payments. – Nikia Johnson
  • I love the automatic enforcement of late fees. – Johnathan Watterson

Innago and real estate investors

Founded in 2017 in Ohio, Innago is a cloud-based tenant management software, accessible on desktop and mobile devices. It offers a streamlined and simple suite of tools including rent collection and automation of processes like late fees, reporting, document storage, and tenant screening. The service is free to use, and right for smaller landlords or property managers. There’s an app now available via Google Play for Android devices and Apple’s App Store for iPhone and iPad—however, a landlord or manager must have an existing account in order for a tenant to be able to use the service.

Innago is a streamlined platform right for the small- to mid-size investor. Those with larger portfolios may not find the tools as feature rich and complex as their needs require. 

Since it’s also a free tool, Innago is a great option for users looking for value and ease-of-use over complexity. But it should have all of the services that the smaller investor needs: Indeed, reviewers enthuse over its utility, especially at the unbeatable price-point of… free.
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