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RealPage Property Management Software: BiggerPockets Review

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RealPage is a multinational company offering a comprehensive range of services for investors. Its extensive tools make it best suited for very large or enterprise-level investors with thousands of properties in the portfolio. 

Quick facts

It provides property management software targeted at a range of owners, managers, and investors, including those with multifamily, commercial, single-family, and vacation rental properties. Through its software-as-a-service platform, RealPage’s extensive product line offers the full range of owner and investor services—including property management, leasing, marketing, resident services, and more. The systems are web based, and can be accessed with one login.

Among its vast service suite is RealPage Payments, a platform for paperless rent payment and processing. Residents can pay by check and money order if they prefer, or handle their payments online with ACH or credit and debit cards. The platform provides RealPage users updates on all rent payments, deposits, fees, and balances in real time, and from a single interface for streamlined use.

Included in its marketing offerings, RealPage offers a suite of website themes meant to increase visibility and convert leads.

Financial services through RealPage include a feature-rich accounting services suite and budgeting software.

RealPage also offers a vendor marketplace and vendor credentialing—including background checks and other vetting processes. Users can see vendors compliance history and success metrics, too. And it offers consulting on a range of professional services topics to max out users’ business.


Given RealPage’s substantial offerings that serve large-scale and enterprise-level investors, its pricing is accordingly substantial, users on the BiggerPockets forum note.  Amber Gonion calls RealPage “amazing,” but adds that it can be “very pricy.” While she prefers it over other platforms like Appfolio, she notes that it is “much more expensive.”

Pros and cons


  • Fans appreciate the true breadth of services RealPage offers.  “They do everything anyone would need and cover all aspects of your operation,” BiggerPockets forum user Brandon Wells writes. “Additionally they are always acquiring new data and tech startups to ensure they stay up to date with what the market demands are.”
  • Users praise RealPage’s customer relationship management tools.
  • RealPage users frequently express appreciation for the simplicity of its user interface.


  • RealPage’s services are expensive (although many users say the high cost is worth the substantial expense).
  • Even some fans of RealPage cited a steep learning curve to get up to speed on certain features. 
  • Some critics say that RealPage can be slow, for instance in syncing app with desktop data. 

RealPage and real estate investors

RealPage offers a full range of services for investors with properties across categories including multifamily, commercial, single-family, vacation rentals, and more. Because the services are both extensive and also offered at a substantial price point, its typically large-scale or enterprise-level investors who can expect to benefit most from the platform’s offerings. BiggerPockets forum user Jim Kittridge notes that RealPage falls into a category with other platforms, like Yardi and Entrata, “for more enterprise customers (most with 4k-8k units).”
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