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RentRedi's accessible price point and comprehensive tools indicate that first-time investors, self-managing landlords, and smaller property management companies would all feel comfortable with this product.  

Quick facts

Upload photos and property descriptions. Syndicate free listings to and Doorsteps or share your RentRedi marketing page to Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, or any other sites.

A simple 10-question survey allows landlords to sift through potential applicants before going through showings.

Allow potential tenants to apply online, and accept or reject with customizable response templates.

Credit, eviction, and criminal background checks powered by TransUnion can be paid for by prospective tenants and sent directly to landlords.

E-signature leases keep the process simple and consolidate data.

Collect ACH or credit card payments and see deposits within one to seven business days. Property-specific bank accounts can be used, and partial payments can be turned on or off. 

Set up recurring late fees automatically.

See a complete overview of properties, vacancies, and income. Export financial data to Excel or Quickbooks.

Tenants can upload a five-second video as a visual reference to any maintenance issue. Repairs are tracked and communicated within the app. 

In addition, RentRedi offers live support interactions via web chat, phone, or email. Their help center and blog posts aid in troubleshooting any issues on a global level as well. Derek Schronk from Hillsborough, TX says, “I have been using RentRedi since 2018. They are great. They have always helped me quickly and have answered some of the same questions I have had multiple times without getting upset. Their program is simple to understand for the most part. I highly recommend them.”


RentRedi’s pricing model includes discounts based on contract longevity. Landlords who prefer to pay each month are charged $19.95. Those who pay quarterly are billed the equivalent of $15 per month, and annual contact subscriptions come at a total charge that’s equivalent to $9 per month. These flat fees provide unlimited access with no increased costs for additional units or team members. 

Additional charges include a $35 screening fee, which can be paid by the prospective tenant. Additionally, rent collection fees of $1 for ACH transactions and 2.9 percent plus $0.30 for credit cards can be paid either by the landlord or the tenant. 

There is a free online demo so landlords can get a taste before paying. If at any time you wish to cancel, simply remove your method of payment before the next scheduled renewal. 


  • Comprehensive tools package
  • Optimized for mobile
  • Access for multiple team members
  • Flat pricing; discounts for contract subscriptions
  • Easy-to-use format
  • Responsive support team
  • Continual upgrades


  • No accounting features
  • Limited communication customization may require work-arounds
  • Deposit time may take one to seven business days
  • No Spanish translation 

Without a doubt, RentRedi was designed to help self-managing landlords and smaller property management companies work with the same efficiency as the big guys. It may not have the nitty-gritty reporting details that large companies need to operate, but it gets the job done for landlords who are already handling financials through other programs such as QuickBooks.

Most BiggerPockets customers appear to have had a positive experience with RentRedi. Jake Deiters, a forum user from St. Louis, MO signed on with RentRedi in 2018. He says, “Communication with tenants, rent reminders, and maintenance requests have all been seamless. Worth the cost for sure. I don't have much experience with other platforms, but I can assure you RentRedi sets the bar pretty high.”

A majority of forum participants report favorable RentRedi experiences. “I think RentRedi is awesome,” says Damien Hart of Atlanta, GA. “I have been using them for several months and they are very responsive and easy to work with. They listen to what you suggest and are continually improving their software and processes. Once you set up the tenants in the system it works great.”

RentRedi is easy to navigate with intuitive screens. The simple-yet-effect design minimizes the frustration that more complicated systems might cause, allowing for a plug-and-play experience with a short learning curve. Thus, landlords who don’t have time to decipher new tech would find a happy place at RentRedi.   

However, not all software is the right choice for every management situation. Landlords should weigh the pros and cons for themselves and take advantage of the free demo to determine if RentRedi is the best fit for their properties and business.

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