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TurboTenant Property Management Software: BiggerPockets Review

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TurboTenant is best for landlords who manage one to give properties and need assistance with listing and screening services. Those who use TurboTenant should have an outside accounting software and payment system that works well for them.   

Quick facts

Syndicated information across multiple platforms including Apartments.com and Realtor.com. Shareable links for Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace.

Create professional fliers and yard signs.

Gather information and interact with potential tenants.

Customizable, mobile-friendly questionnaires.

Collect information from applicants, including pay stubs and driver’s licenses.

Soft-inquiry checks through TransUnion payable by tenant or landlord.

Insurance can be purchased through TurboTenant.

Text message communication with applicants and tenants.

To support these services, TurboTenant has developed a great reputation for customer care. Their responsive team is available to field any questions via email, phone, or web chat, seven days a week. They also have free resources for landlords in the educational help center.   


TurboTenant is free for landlords, though there is a cost for screenings that can be paid either by the landlord or the tenant. 
  • Criminal and credit check: $35
  •  Criminal, credit, and eviction check: $45

Additional paid features can be purchased individually. These include:
  • Rent estimate report: Localized data to help price your property competitively ($14.99)
  • Forms package: 45 downloadable forms, including a move-out checklist, estoppel certificate, entry notice, paint disclosure, and more ($99.99)
  • Online signatures: No-contact legal signatures. ($9)
  • LawDepot lease agreements: State-specific legal leases. ($29+)

Pros and cons

TurboTenant provides basic start up services to assist DIY landlords for zero investment. It offers a sense of professionalism and peace of mind that can hardly be matched, especially considering the price.

That said, TurboTenant is not for everyone. Landlords should always do their due diligence in researching which service is best for their individual needs. Consider the following pros and cons to TurboTenant:


  • Easy, one-click listings to popular sites
  • Incorporation of in-person advertising
  • Lead management that aids organization
  • Customizable application questions
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Free! 


  • No real features beyond the lease-signing point
  • Must manually share links to social media sites
  • Must be paired with additional software (not a complete management product) 

TurboTenant and real estate investors

Because TurboTenant only helps with initial tenant acquisition, investors with a small portfolio would get the most benefit from their services. TurboTenant is not designed to be a full property management system, so landlords should be comfortable with their own alternative management practices and systems after the tenant is placed. 

In the past, TurboTenant offered an online rent collection service, but that feature has since been eradicated. Therefore, landlords who use TurboTenant should be prepared to collect rent via physical checks, bank transfer, or another online payment system. 

Landlords should also be prepared to manage their own finances and maintenance requests. Many landlords are comfortable doing this either through manual spreadsheets or a separate accounting software.   

What BiggerPockets users say

I have used TurboTenant for my advertising and tenant screening for almost 2 years now, and I’ve been very happy with them. Easy platform to use on mobile devices, and I also like that I can view applications before I ask for background checks. This makes it easy to pretty much decide who you’re renting to before you have them pay the $35 fee for screening. You can also turn on an automated pre-screening questionnaire that is sent to every lead. –Jackie Botham

TurboTenant has been awesome! I've had a few questions with the startup, and they answered my email within minutes. Love it! –Maria Zachrau

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