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Yardi Property Management Software: BiggerPockets Review

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Yardi is a cloud-based software system designed to support a wide variety of markets. Since 1984, Yardi has demonstrated excellence within the real estate software sector and beyond. With a comprehensive suite of functionality for both field and administrative purposes, Yardi was created to be the hub of all business activities throughout the corporation.  

Yardi Breeze products are optimized for a variety of property management needs, including residential, commercial, self-storage, association, affordable housing, and manufactured home management. Two tiers of services—Yardi Breeze and Yardi Breeze Premier—allow companies to choose the package that fits best with their current operations.

Yardi Voyager products bring software support to a broader range of management markets. In addition to large-scale property management companies, Voyager software can be tailored for other markets, including senior living, student housing, military housing, retail facilities, airports, ports, and parks.   

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Pricing for Yardi is extremely specific and based on the type of properties being managed. Yardi Breeze products are priced per unit and scaled for companies with at least 100 rentals or more, due to monthly minimums. Yardi Voyager products are industry-specific and require a direct consultation for more accurate pricing. Billing for all Yardi customers is based upon an annual contract but is charged monthly to reflect current unit numbers. 

Yardi Breeze is priced at: 

  • Residential properties: $1 per unit per month, with a $100 monthly minimum
  • Manufactured homes: $1 per unit per month, with a $200 monthly minimum
  • Self-storage: $.50 per unit per month, with a $200 monthly minimum
  • Associations: $.50 per unit per month, with a $100 monthly minimum
  • Affordable housing and commercial properties: $2 per unit per month, with a $200 monthly minimum. 
Yardi Breeze Premier is priced at:
  • Residential and manufactured homes: $2 per unit per month, with a $400 monthly minimum
  • Self-storage and associations: $1 per unit per month, with a $400 monthly minimum
  • Affordable housing: $3 per unit per month, with a $400 monthly minimum
Commercial property managers will need to speak to a representative for a Breeze Premier pricing model that’s tailored to their company’s needs. 

Yardi offers webinars, demos, videos, live chats, and other research streams to help you make your decision. 


Yardi software covers a broad range of usability, some of which go beyond the scope of what a general property management or real estate investment company would require. With that in mind, these tools are available at the introductory Breeze and Breeze Premier levels.

Yardi Breeze features include:

  • Listings: Showcase available units on websites, including RENTCafe.
  • Applications and screening: Online applications and screening help to qualify potential tenants and streamline the approval process.
  • Leases: Standard online leases follow relevant state laws.  
  • Rent collection: Tenants can pay using ACH, debit cards, or credit cards.
  • Automated fees: Set up recurring fees and payments. 
  • Cash payments: Accept walk-in cash payments at retail locations with PayNearMe.
  • Workflows: Allow multiple users to interact with data. Access can be limited based on login or property.
  • Communication: Create and record emails, texts, and automated reminders. 
  • General accounting: Manage payables, receivables, and general ledger accounts. Generate financial reports with clickable transaction details. 
  • Escrow: Set property-based escrow/trust accounts.
  • Tax accounting: Prepare and file 1099s directly.
  • Budgeting: Track, compare, and project spending data. 
  • Direct payments: Pay vendors via check or EFT. Attach invoices to payments for accounting purposes.
  • Owner portal: Share financial reports by owner, by property, or by fraction ownership.
  • Maintenance: Tenants can report issues online with photos or video. Progress notes and records attach to each job.
  • Renters insurance: Require integrated or third party insurance. Coordinate claims.
Yardi Breeze Premier features include all of the above, plus:

  • Advanced accounting: Track both property and corporate general ledgers.
  • Increased specialization: Additional tools help optimize functionality for businesses that perform more unique roles.
  • Customizable property websites: Attract leads at the property level.
  • Increased automation: Set up automatic workflow tasks along with move-in and move-out dates.
  • Customizable reports: Advanced controls increase financial accounting effectiveness. 
  • Full service invoice processing: Option to outsource data entry and scanning.
  • Approvals: Set payment approvers and limits. Approve payables on any device.
Yardi Voyager products are outfitted with tools which expand upon Yardi Breeze capabilities. As such, if a property management company begins with Yardi Breeze, it’s simple and natural to move up to Yardi Voyager when necessary. Specifics on Yardi Voyager tools must be discussed with a representative due to the diverse nature of the products. Connecting with a specialist will ensure the right fit for each corporation.

In addition to their comprehensive tools, Yardi offers client support in the form of live chats, product demos, video tutorials, webinars, conferences, and more. Eight free hours of live phone support is included with each contract to help with setup, and additional hours are billable as needed. 

Yardi and Real Estate Investors

Even the most basic Yardi software package is really only designed for property managers with 100-plus doors—or those who plan to grow to that level quickly. Companies with fewer properties risk investing a significant amount of money and effort into software that could end up being overkill. 

In addition, Tim Hackett from Ashtabula, Ohio, refers to Yardi’s popularity in the large commercial sector. He says, “Yardi was originally intended for residential and it remains strong to those roots. That said, the majority of the larger commercial world is with Yardi.” 

Yardi Voyager is made for even larger companies with 500-plus rental units or complex real estate portfolios. Voyager has niche services and functions, so companies need to have a business model that prepares them to pay the price for that level of exclusivity. 

Nick Condie, a forum user from the Bay Area, says, “Yardi Voyager is relatively ubiquitous in the industry. I'd also offer that the willingness to invest in an industry-standard (albeit not cheap) software like Voyager is the sign of a high-quality property management company.” 

Yardi Pros and Cons

Since Yardi has been around for a long time, they’ve developed a name for themselves. Rob Chiang from Santa Clara, California, says, “The reason we chose Yardi is because it's a name that we have heard for decades as the ‘standard.’ The Yardi reports generated are always thorough and detailed, so we decided to go with familiar software.”

In general, the reviews regarding Yardi are positive. “I am all about Yardi,” says Simon W. from Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. “I should get paid for recommending them all the time!”

Still, Yardi may not be the right software for every business. Property managers and their IT departments are encouraged to utilize the product demos and weigh the pros and cons for themselves.

Yardi pros

  • No startup costs
  • Easy to upgrade as business grows
  • Comprehensive and expandable list of tools
  • Optimized for numerous real estate sectors
  • Accounting integration at all levels
  • Good training and support
  • Time-tested performance
  • Continual upgrades
  • Cloud-based access from anywhere

Yardi cons

  • Annual contract
  • Monthly minimums create a potential cost barrier
  • Limited free phone support
  • New users may experience a steep learning curve

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