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The Basics of Real Estate Investment Deal Analysis
So many new and even many experienced real estate investors have little clue about doing a proper analysis of a deal. With that in mind, I thought it was important to share the article below, written by J. Scott on... View more
Water bill is very high and no visible leaks
So very long story shortened my water bill is extremely high this month. We average $35.00 a month and this month it was $151.20. The jerk landlord told us in a very nasty little note to check out water leaks which we... View more
Is it okay to use my personal cell phone for LLC business?
This might sound like a strange question, but I plan to use my personal cell phone to take applicant phone calls for the LLC (which I currently do for properties that I own in my name). The bill is in my own name, of... View more
Water still flowing even after main shutoff
We had a pipe bust and we turned off the water at the main so that we could prevent further water damage and to repair the broken pipe. Well, the water never stopped flowing. It is impossible for us to glue on the... View more
No thinset under cement board
Just went to inspect some work and noticed they weren't using thinset to lay down the cement board under porcelain tile. When I asked the contractor, he asked his flooring guy who had been doing tile for 25 years... View more
Window in Shower. What would you do?
I have a foreclosure that I am seriously considering buying for a rental. My concern is the bathroom has a window in the shower.  I was planning on gutting the bathroom and doing a complete remodel.  I thought I could... View more
Mysterious "knock" coming from an interior wall
I've had an issue in a condo I manage for a couple of months and after much trial and error, I thought I'd check with BP to see if anyone might have an idea what might be going on.  The condo is a newer unit (2004) on... View more
Jerry Norton programs ($10k finder fee - Powerflipper)
Let's discuss Jerry Norton's Powerflipper 3.0 with a finder's fee of $10,000 for any deal you find them.  I THINK IT'S A SCAM.  If anyone has had success of has had a deal accepted by them where they actually paid them... View more
Why isn't everyone buying and renting mobile homes? what am I missing?
If you missed my other post. I am new and will probably have a few questions while I am studying and analyzing deals the next few days. One question I have right now is whats the down side to buying mobile homes for... View more
Building a 4-plex instead of buying one...
I am wondering if building would be better than buying. I live in Portland Oregon and the cap rates for multifamily are around 5-6% max. My idea is to buy some land, and build a 4-plex on it. House hacking on one of... View more
Can you rent your house to yourself? Let me explain.....
So I am in a weird situation. I have been actively investing in Real Estate for the last 6 months, but have had the idea for 3 years or so. Over the course of that time and during my research and thinking phase, I was... View more
Cost to build a Duplex
I'm looking to start building "missing middle" housing in the Belmont neighborhood of Charlotte, NC. It's one of the few pockets of the inner neighborhoods that are affordable.... though, that's quickly changing. The... View more
what's a good name for an LLC?
I'd love to hear what y'all named your LLCs. I was thinking something easy.....Stinebaugh Something LLC. I have to think of something for the Something
Painting basement ceiling black a good move?
Paint a ceiling black??Just bought a 3/2 982 s.f ranch built in 1966. The basement is partly finished but will need demo of the current drop ceiling. The ceiling is around 7 feet without the drop ceiling. Not keen on... View more
Addressing Marijuana Smell Complaints
We have a new-to-us class c quadplex in Avondale in Cincinnati. Tenant A moved in 1 Feb. Tenant B moved in 5 Mar. Tenant C moved in 7 Apr.  Tenant C reported on Apr 10 that she smelled marijuana so strongly when she... View more
How to separate utilities between tenants??? Need help please
I own a triplex. I live in the main house up front which has its own water and electric meter. I have two small homes in the back that share a water and electric meter. How do I handle utilities for these homes since... View more
Flipster software a fraud or legit?
I've been bombarded with flipster software messages to my email since yesterday and I'm growing suspicious. Does anyone use flipster software and are they having success?
6 vs 9 vs 12 year water heaters? Which is best?
I've been buying the 9 year water heaters lately from Home Depot and have been thinking about purchasing the 12 year heaters from now on but is there really that much of a difference between a 6 year and a 12 year... View more
Building a detached garage with apartment
Hi my name is Ben. I live in Nashville, TN and am looking to build a detached 2 garage with 2/1 apartment above. I personally went down to Metro to get a building permit because I wanted to make sure what I wanted to... View more
Tenants Who Pay a Full Year Upfront
Are bad news, according to nearly every experienced landlord I've seen chime in on these types of threads. However, it seems that many newbie investors (some with even less than my three years experience) like to chime... View more
Tub Surround with Window
I seam to always have rentals with windows over the tub, and am conflicted every time I go to remodel because I can never find a tub surround that looks decent and I hate cleaning grout. All I have found in the past is... View more
NRIA - National Realty Investment Advisors
Has anyone ever heard of these guys?  There is an old post about them about some work they did in Philly many years ago, but nothing recent.  They are based in NJ.  They apparently GUARANTEE 12% returns. I'm suspicious... View more
Anyone using PropStream recently?
Is there anyone who has used PropStream lately.  I'm considering using it for finding and evaluating leads.  All the reviews on BP I found were several years old.  A company can turn around itself in that time frame. ... View more
Rental house had a water leak causing high water bill. Who pays?
I am fairly new to land-lording and this is the first time this issue has come up. In June I had two rental properties that had water leaks causing a high bill at one property ($217.00) and an extremely high bill (over... View more
The Famous "I want to buy your house" Letter! NEED HELP!
So we want to go for deal #2 but there is a problem, the neighborhood we want doesnt have the right house on the market. I know exactly what I want and know the 25 houses in the neighborhood that has what I want. So I... View more
Thoughts on Exp Realty?
To my sisters and brothers in the real estate biz - I'm considering joining Exp Realty and curious to hear your thoughts - positive and negative - on this company/their approach. On the one hand, the stock options,... View more
Real Estate Wholesaling for Beginners in Ontario
So guys I'm kinda new to bigger pockets But most of the investors I've networked with say I should be using it as a newbie.  Im a Student who has taken a year trying to get into real estate in the GTA region. After... View more
Free Skip Tracing Sites
Hello guys,I'm a newbie to wholesaling as well as real estate in general. I was wondering if someone can give me a list of free sites for skip tracing that I could use until I'm able to make a couple of first deals. I... View more
New Construction Cost Per SQ Foot in Massachusetts
Hi all, I have an opportunity on a property with a house that needs to be torn down. I am hoping to find out what the cost of a mid-grade new construction is roughly in the area to use as negotiation with the seller.... View more
Roofstock review. NEWBIES BEWARE!!
Looks like most of the reviews or case studies on Roofstock are about the closing process. I suppose since the vast majority of investors who’ve purchased properties from Roofstock use the properties as buy-and-hold... View more
vinyl plank flooring is separating
I've installed vinyl plank flooring in a rental, I really like it but it keeps separating (I helped install this with someone who has installed alot of flooring previously but never the vinyl plank type, so maybe we... View more
Can I caulk over grout?
The grout in my shower wall corners and where the tile meets the bathtub is cracking or completely missing in some areas. Can I just caulk over this, or do I really need to remove the grout first?
How to find Foreclosures in Ontario
Hi! I am new to real estate investing!  I was hoping someone could help guide me in the right direction on how to acquire foreclosures in Ontario Canada?Cheers,Quinton
SBA EIDL Loans are ELIGIBLE for Rental Properties
ATTENTION LANDLORDS!SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loans (EIDL) are eligible for Rental Property Owners.Standard SBA Loans are not available for passive income (except Hotels and Self Storage)... THESE ARE NOT NORMAL SBA... View more
Robert Kiyosaki The Lazy way to invest in real estate.
Have some of you read this book? Is there new unique methods that we should know that aren’t discussed on Bigger Pockets? I’d appreciate comments or brief review.  I’d love to think there WAS a (Profitable) lazy way... View more
Has anyone reviewed S2A modular? Just doing my diligence
There is a new green modular company out of hemet, ca. S2A Modular Went thru their presentation yesterday. Just wanted to see if anyone else has looked into them. Supposedly they can build a custom or one of their... View more
Has anyone invested in NuuRez or considering it?
Just found out about a new type of investing platform called NuuRez. Seems like AirBNB and REITs combined. Wondering if anyone has any opinions on it. Here are some resources:... View more
Female Property Inves./Landlord on the verge of leaving the busn
Female Property Investors/Landlords. I need your advice. If you are doing this on your own. By that, I mean, no male figure next to you that is your father, boyfriend, husband, brother, cousin. If you have none of... View more
(Update) Another Tenant died...and then two more!
I received a call from concerned neighbors. This Tenant normally goes for walks every day. Nobody has seen him for three days, his lights are on, and his truck has not moved. I go over for a welfare check and find him... View more
My first commercial apartment building!
The ink has dried! (long post alert lol) Dec 23rd, my partner and I closed on a 6 unit building in Allentown, PA! RE Investing is a marathon, not a sprint, but it's been a muuuuch longer marathon than I initially... View more
Need to put capital to work but can't find deals!
If you had capital you wanted to put to work but you couldn't find deals in your area (South Florida) that fit your business model what would you do? Change your strategy and look to other asset classes? Partner with a... View more
My 4 Year Journey from 0 to 778 units!
Four years ago today I was wandering through life thinking I had made it. I was working a corporate 9-5 job, good pay and would use my 10 days of PTO for the amazing 1 week getaways. Jan 1st 2017 happened to be the... View more