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  • If you were going to drop 5k on a car what would it be?
    Replied June 4, 2015
    I have a 2004 a4 1.8t Quattro manual that I picked up for under $4k, great in the snow and if I'm careful I can get 35+mpgs. Only downside is if you don't have a good mechanic t... See more
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  • Asbestos Baltimore Maryland
    Replied May 24, 2015
    Just from personal experience I have family in Rockville, Maryland and their house has asbestos shingle siding, it is painted over and hasn't been an issue, the majority of home... See more
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  • Under contract on my first property, getting nervous
    Started May 22, 2015
    we plan to be up there by this winter hopefully and will plow with our personal truck,I'm more guessing the vacancy based on what most other people have been using on here, 8% s... See more
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