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  • Abandoned Properties
    Replied April 6, 2008
    I have bought abandoned properties. Purchase price was about 60% and after renos resulted in nice profit. It is a lot of work so if you can wholesale to a rehabber it can be can... See more
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  • ***Official April Goals Thread***
    Replied April 6, 2008
    [list]Finish renovating a 2 bedroom apartment unit. Finish renovating my 2 bedroom basement suite. Renovate a house and sell it. Start reno's on my commercial building. Start re... See more
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  • How do I convince my wife?
    Replied April 6, 2008
    My wife supports my real estate business and lives the life of luxury for doing so. Of course your results will vary!! Start slowly while holding down a regular job and when you... See more
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