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  • Advice for sell vs. hold on rental property in hot market
    Replied April 25, 2018
    My advice is sell it, move into something with better returns. That combo of rents, HOA, and current value is not nearly as strong of a return as you could get if you 1031ed int... See more
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  • 2-4 Units in Denver Advice
    Replied March 16, 2018
    @Anthony, yes. People on here seem to gloss over this a lot, keep in mind a refinance is not free. Expect this to cost a couple thousand at a minimum, probably wrapped up in the... See more
    Reply 22 replies
  • 2-4 Units in Denver Advice
    Replied March 15, 2018
    Reach out to an agent, they can get you set up with the actual MLS listings instead of zillow/redfin. I'm sure you'll have half a dozen reach out just on this post.As far as exp... See more
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