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  • from Cave Springs, Arkansas

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Graduated in 2013. Got a job that I enjoy and constantly grow with since summer of graduation. Moved two a new city two years ago where I bought my personal home in Aug of 2017 w 5% down at $239,000. Got hooked on BP shortly after and the concept of rental property investing for long term growth/scaling and financial freedom

Working towards down payment for first time investment property. Looking at first investment of multi-families specifically B+ duplexes due to cost of entry in my area ($170k to 255k), appreciation, and low maintenance

Frequent follower of BP publishing, podcasts, forums, and recommending reading lists since approx Nov. 2016

50% to goal starting Jan 2017 of $50k investment. 2.5k closing costs. 2.5-5k minor repairs (what I envision sprucing up!) 5k-10k in reserves and 40k-32.k for down payment.

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