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  • Qualifying for Mortgages Using DSCR
    Started January 18, 2018
    Hello BP!I left my corporate job last year to be in real estate full time.  This new life is wonderful!  That said, I would like to refinance a condo, finance new acquisitions, ... See more
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  • How To Prove Tenant Smoked
    Started July 21, 2017
    Thank you Sue. I did end up getting a demand letter from the tenant irate about the deductions. However, I bought the book you recommended and followed the process. I took ph... See more
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  • Bankruptcy Delay Opportunity
    Started July 21, 2017
    Update - my experience ended up validating what Ron said. I found the trustee (a lawyer working for the bank who foreclosed on the property) and contacted him. He would not de... See more
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