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  • New Member from San Diego
    Replied May 29, 2018
    @Pierce Belton Welcome to BP. A lot of the MF properties here in San Diego don't look great on paper when running numbers. IMHO, the real value is in the rehab and forcing the a... See more
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  • Conventional Loan 25% down or attempt to spread Funds Out
    Replied March 18, 2018
    @Chad Lanting pardon the late night response but with trouble sleeping I of course browse BP! I really like the BRRR advice from @Dan Heuschele. I’m in the process of renovating... See more
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  • Property Mgmt Laws in CA - managing other peoples' rentals
    Replied March 2, 2018
    @Justin R. I’ve never managed property for family/friends but certainly feel it’s beneficial to have your RE license to make everything easy. Avoids tip toeing around all the do... See more
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