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  • Need advice selling current residence
    Replied May 5, 2006
    Though one. Sell and reap the profits, or rent out the house. If you sell, you're walking away with at least $300k profits. You can take a few years off and live the life we... See more
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  • How to properly pay a contractor?
    Replied December 19, 2005
    Brent, your instincts are good here. I'd never pay a contractor in full up front. I think that would guarantee you extensive delays. Partial payments up front and at completi... See more
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  • New here- from CT
    Replied December 19, 2005
    Hi Rich. I'm from NY - right around the corner. Just wanting to welcome you to our site here. Good luck with the credit. Biggerpo has a great take on helping you out. . . goo... See more
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