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  • Saving money problem
    Replied May 8, 2018
    I second the "buy used" advice. Unless there's some reason not to (like if it's not sanitary or safe) buy used. This saves my family so much money. Also, do you have a good budg... See more
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  • Quick Survey: How Did You Discover BiggerPockets?
    Replied April 25, 2018
    A Google search, several years ago. Only joined in late 2016, I think, as my husband and I were having our semi-annual "should we invest in real estate?" discussion. Each time I... See more
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  • Newbie looking for strategic advice (long distance investing)
    Replied April 24, 2018
    Our situation is similar, yet different. I'm American, husband is not. We live in his home country,  we are long, long distance landlords, but have chosen a PM rather than try t... See more
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