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  • Renting rooms in an illegal duplex?
    Replied April 16, 2015
    You will probably be able to rent it to a large family or a group who are already cohabiting, effectively using it as a duplex but signing a single lease. I own a house in a sim... See more
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  • Have you used private lending? Tell me your story! (for tonight's webinar)
    Replied April 2, 2015
    I've used private money in a couple of different ways.  My most recent deal was a Fannie Mae foreclosure with a purchase price of $40K + $20K in rehab for $100K ARV.  A couple o... See more
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  • Newbie from Anderson, SC
    Replied March 3, 2015
    Todd welcome to Bigger Pockets!  There aren't many wholesalers in the area so you should be able to find some good properties.  I would be interested in seeing any wholesale dea... See more
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