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  • Do you lease or buy your vehicle ?
    Replied June 6, 2018
    My rentals lease me a new $50k-$60k truck every 2-3 years. I drove junks for years now the payment doesn’t move the scale much.  See more
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  • This is a development project
    Replied January 22, 2017
    The sky is the limit it depends on what your area would support, what zoning will allow and lastly your experience and financial abilities.So since your the neighbor what does y... See more
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  • How can I prepare myself to get a million dollar loan?
    Replied January 22, 2017
    Start small in the area where you want to go. Turning around a few 2-4 family's would be a good start if you want to do larger ones. Commercial real estate is huge it's like say... See more
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