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  • looking to outsource my short sale negotiations. Any recommendations
    Replied December 9, 2009
    Here in Tampa there is a guy/business that handles all of our short sale deals from start to finish. We simply get the contact info, the fact they want to sell and they are upsi... See more
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  • Should I get licensed?
    Replied December 9, 2009
    I have found simply getting access to the MLS is far better than becoming a Realtor for the same benefit. My partner is a Realtor and to me the only benefit is he has a bargaini... See more
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  • Housing Stimulus... Good or Bad for the Industry?
    Replied December 9, 2009
    I personally think it is a good thing...for me anyway. I have found that it is easier to find first time home buyers to flip properties to when they know they have a limited tim... See more
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