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  • How to manage a property from a distance
    Replied November 13, 2008
    Talk to other property owners in the area, especially the ones that seem to be the most successful. If they use a 3rd party manager, consider using them. If they do it in-hous... See more
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  • Discount Rate Higher for Leveraged Deals?
    Replied October 14, 2008
    I would assume that the discount rate used for the unleveraged deal is assuming that the opportunity cost (discount) rate of return will also be unlevered, and thus, lower than ... See more
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  • Question about looking at Cap Rates
    Replied October 14, 2008
    The cap rate you use is dependent on your risk tolerance and investment criteria, and is more of a rule of thumb than your main driver of value. You should be looking at the equ... See more
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