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Jerry Puckett

20 February 2015

A year ago I embarked upon my first direct mail campaign ever, utilizing the services of New Refined Images, LLC and Jerry Puckett. After listening to his podcast on BP and emailing/talking with him on the phone, I knew Jerry was the one to undertake this experience with. Why? Jerry has the know-how (as evidenced by his posts on BP and his podcast), he has the systems in place to manage the implementation & follow-up, and he provides mentoring commensurate to your direct mail campaign needs. Jerry has always been there when I emailed or called with questions and, more importantly, he's been there to keep me motivated and encouraged when things didn't appear to be working. I look forward to continuing to work with Jerry as I scale my business upward and outward, to infinity and beyond... Thanks, Jerry! Christina Ramirez

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