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  • Is fortune builders mastery program legit?
    Replied October 20, 2017
    I don't know about the program but they are legit rehabbers. CT Homes (As seen on TV) are one of the biggest cash buyers in San Diego, CA. They are flipping anywhere from 10-30 ... See more
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  • New Investor in Dallas, TX
    Replied September 4, 2017
    Call all of the "we buy houses" signs and you will find discounted properties from wholesalers in your area. Do a quick search for "fixer" or "handyman special" on the craigslis... See more
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  • Direct mail: lists and mailing to trusts?
    Replied September 3, 2017
    Was just driving for dollars this weekend and 6 of the 9 properties I wrote down are in a trust. This is my list and I'm gonna mail it! lol It's small but worth a shot. See more
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