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  • 50 vs 150 unit Bldg - Average net cash flow per unit per month
    Replied June 23, 2018
    I don't necessarily look at monthly cash flow per unit, I look at the overall investment and consider CoC, IRR, amount of effort/risk with project and more. If you pinned me dow... See more
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  • David Lindahl RE Mentoring
    Replied June 23, 2018
    The upsell is definitely coming. I don't know a lot about their inner workings but I don't like the old school sales tactics that are used every step of the way. I went to one o... See more
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  • Best Info. Resources for Commercial Real Estate?
    Replied June 23, 2018
    Jake & Gino - website, podcasts, anything they share. Great, solid info with a blue collar work ethic undertone. See more
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