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  • BellesLink - Has anyone used them for skip tracing?
    Replied August 10, 2018
    @Cristina Ortega How was your experience with BellesLink? I'm looking into them now and would love to hear your unfiltered thoughts. Thanks. @Joe DavalosAnd how about you Joe, w... See more
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  • Best skip trace service?
    Replied August 10, 2018
    @Jeff Mason you appear to be affiliated with this company... I could be wrong, but you sure look a lot like "Jeffrey" in the demo video.  If I am wrong, please let all of us kno... See more
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  • Has anyone joined the group "snap-flip"?
    Replied April 5, 2018
    @John Morgan Now that you're 7 months into it, I wonder if you could give us an honest update on how this program has worked out for you?  See more
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