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Member Blog I've BIT my TONGUE and it will HURT all the WAY to the BANK!

I have had some unexpected vacancies during the last few months from residents on leases who have had to relocate for job/employment and family health issues.The latest one is a LARGE, desirable ho...

Member Blog Do you provide Realtor forms to clients?

I frequently see that when Q&A forums have questions about how to get a lease form to use and responses are frequently to ask a real estate agent for one.I do not use our VAR lease form as it d...

Member Blog ♥2♥ with Client/Investment Property Owner * He LIKES Being a MOBILE LANDLORD!

After ActiveRain RainCamp, I spent Thursday night in Charlotte and had lunch on Friday with a client.  During our meal, and after talking about NASCAR, I asked him if and when he thought he would b...