George Winquist

11 July 2016

I have been purchasing notes from Darren since February 2015. I currently own 11 and 9 have paid off. As a retiree, it has been a terrific investment for me, as I love the steady monthly income. As my notes pay off, I buy more without hesitation. I have an excellent working relationship with Darren and he is always honest and trustworthy in every transaction.

Canyon Vance

13 July 2016

I have worked with Darren Eady for close to 10 years now through my current employment and I knew he was in the investing business but didn't reach out to him till recently to ask what he did and how I could get involved. Darren sat down with me and went over several options and helped me purchase a mortgage note. I was really impressed by Darren and his willingness to answer all my questions and the ease of doing business with him. I have since purchased a second note through Darren and would encourage others to speak with him to see how he can help you make extra monthly income! Thanks Darren, keep up the good work!

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