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  • Do you own your property management company?
    Replied September 18, 2018
    @Brian Beadle In my area, it is difficult to find a good PM. As a result of this, most investors with more than 75 units go this route just for the sake of having competent man... See more
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  • Tenant always pays late, but not late enough....
    Replied September 18, 2018
    @Colby Mulry Yes, I have experienced this. What are the chances that a replacement tenant WILL NOT be late? I would say that this depends on your local market and class of rent... See more
    Reply 54 replies
  • Set up Quickbooks for real estate investing/rentals
    Replied September 16, 2018
    @Jim Chesmore I completely understand where you are coming from. I use QBO and it is a PITA as you just saw how you need to translate accountingspeak to rental properties. I a... See more
    Reply 19 replies

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