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  • Renovations Help!!
    Replied June 4, 2015
    Wowzers. I will try not to squash your enthusiasm here. Start off by trying to put a cost on your projects. go to Home Depot / Lowes with a list in hand and try to cost out all ... See more
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  • Flip or not?
    Replied June 4, 2015
    @ Michael [email protected] Woodward touched on the family and marriage aspect. My first flip just about split us up. we went way over budget, overdid it and lost. it took us two years ... See more
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  • Note Price vs Property Value - why sell the note?
    Replied May 26, 2015
    I am exploring notes too. So, I am in no way intending to be a @Bill G here. I think you are getting ownership confused. You are not buying the property. You are buying the mort... See more
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