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  • Appraisals and Refinancing in Providence/ Rhode Island
    Started July 12, 2018
    We just completed two refis in Providence but the appraisal didn't come back at the target and I'd love to hear any stories from local investors who've followed a BRRRR strategy... See more
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  • Providence Rhode Island duplex conversion to triplex
    Replied July 12, 2018
    @David Sisson Really great perspective, thanks for sharing. We have a few legal-2-family that are three floors, i.e. second unit is two-floors, which seems quite common in Provi... See more
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  • Rhode Island multi family Market
    Replied July 12, 2018
    @Sean Doherty As a fellow out-of-state investor in RI, you just want to be really mindful of your edge. If you're @Anthony Thompson or @Brandon Ingegneri you have scale economic... See more
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