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Member Blog Becoming a "FAMOUS" Agent-Investor

Lesson #1: Publish or Perish by Frazier O'leary (Faculty) - Published: 03/12/09In truth, this "lesson" applies to you whether you're an Agent-Investor or just another normal, run of the mill, o...

Member Blog Becoming a "Famous" Agent-Investor Lesson #2

Over the next few lessons,  we're going to talk about WHERE are the best places to publish, promote, network, appear, get interviewed, etc. to start positioning yourself as a "Celebrity" in your in...

Member Blog Become a "Famous" Agent-Investor Lesson #3

Better Blunt than Boring Ok, so we've covered why NOT to be Vanilla.  Let's get down to brass tacks.  In this age of 24-7 media and all encompassing internet "touching", it's easier than ever to ge...