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  • On my last leg and willing to pay for a helping hand.
    Replied October 12, 2009
    Jimmy, I understand you're looking for a mentor. Try this first. 1- Post properties on rotation on Craigslist. You can put some pictures on service like or classifi... See more
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  • Owner Financing and Simultaneous Closing
    Replied October 12, 2009
    Rob, I've searched and never found a simoultenous note buyers. I have one who will do 1 month payment seasoning but request 10% down and 620 credit score. I agree with Marc. If... See more
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  • Steps to Buying a FSBO Invesmtent
    Replied October 12, 2009
    It is always better to use your own contract. You have better control. Make sure you have 7 days inspection so that if you can back out of the deal if you don't like the inspec... See more
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