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  • Property tax 2017 reappraisals
    Replied August 30, 2017
    Very good tip!  I have argued values in the past, sometimes with luck and sometimes without luck.  Some of my BRRR properties have had their taxable values re-appraised for as m... See more
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  • Requesting Handyman and Eviction help References
    Replied March 22, 2017
    @Michael Ashley I agree with @Adam Fansler's suggestion to use Willis Law.  I have used them a couple times and they are only about $300.  They literally go in the court with a ... See more
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  • WWYD if you ran out of $$$ during the flip!
    Replied March 19, 2017
    The most obvious and simple answer is a credit card. You should have no issue getting 4-5 k limit if your credit is half way decent. That being said who cares what your intere... See more
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