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  • Newbie looking for thoughts
    Replied March 15, 2018
    You dont need a website any time soon, that must be a want. You need an LLC or an S-Corp ASAP. Talk to your accountant and decide what is better. Mine just got on me for having ... See more
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  • Anybody else doing a “live in flip”
    Replied March 15, 2018
    I have basically done that twice. Difference is I did not sell the homes I rented them when completed.  I double my money on paper. I have $60k in my current home and it apprais... See more
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  • Do these numbers look ok?
    Replied March 15, 2018
    I don't know anything about the creative lending part and that should not be considered when figuring the value of the property. Your other numbers seem accurate. I don't see pr... See more
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