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  • Security deposit after purchase
    Replied February 16, 2016
    If it's in the purchase contract, title should have handled it, but unfortunately that's why we have to make sure we read every line of that HUD. They are people too, and make m... See more
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  • Security deposit after purchase
    Replied February 16, 2016
    What did the purchase contract say?Normally, the rent would be prorated and the security deposit would be transferred to the new buyer on the HUD at closing.If that didn't happe... See more
    Reply 15 replies
  • Closed an occupied REO but can't find out who lives there
    Replied January 25, 2016
    Originally posted by @Sam Liu: The question is: can the notices be served if we can't find out their names? Yes, it's possible. I believe I've seen the wording "Unknown Occupan... See more
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