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  • Buying long distance, Does it make sense?
    Replied March 26, 2015
    As a newbie you hasn't jumped into the business yet, one of my current dilemmas is that I'm not positive i will be in this area in the next few years. I live near Marquette, MI ... See more
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  • How I bought a home in the middle of town for $10,000
    Replied March 24, 2015
    Hi Stephen, great find! As a new investor just starting out I find it really interesting that you were able to almost immediate turn out a 40,000 dollar profit. Because I have a... See more
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  • Buy and Hold investor from the UP of Michigan
    Replied March 24, 2015
    Hi Michael,I can tell you having living in a KI town home with 2 other guys, was quite an experience. It seems that at least among the college crowd there's a mixture of wanting... See more
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