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  • wholesale advice connecticut
    Replied November 21, 2017
    Factor all those extra costs into the Max purchase price and as long as your attorney has reviewed/approved the contract and the numbers work, pull the trigger. Those are just a... See more
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  • What was your experience?
    Replied April 3, 2016
    I would echo what everyone has mentioned. Your best bet would to ask when the leases expire and determine strategy from there. In CT you would be bound by the terms of the exist... See more
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  • Running Diary of a 2-Family Flip in Southington, CT
    Replied April 3, 2016
    @Michael Noto - Sometimes I've had to do this as well to get the best value out of a project, although it's not always the first choice. However market conditions do often warra... See more
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My first note of the day is this. 2010 is the year. Let's all treat our businesses like a real business. For those of us transitioning into fulltime investing this might seem like a tough call, how...