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  • Trying to get Note info
    Started July 6, 2017
    Trying to get a very basic summary of pricing a None performing note for sale! Just a basic strategy. Its in connecticut with a high property value of 650k and 200k left as unpa... See more
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  • How to calculate a note
    Started June 26, 2017
    Hi everyone! Im trying to understand selling Non Performing notes. How do you come up with the price? Just a quick calculation? Is it based on loan balance and Home value? If so... See more
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  • Best Place to invest in Apartment / Multi Family in 2017
    Replied April 28, 2017
    Great questions and answers!  Thanks !!   Can anyone recommend an easy way to market off market apartment complexes in Houston! Im looking to expand our buyers list ! Thanks See more
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