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I was born in beautiful Colorado Springs, CO, but moved when I was very young because my father was in the Navy at the time. My family moved across the US over the next 10 years to Oklahoma (on three separate occasions), Alabama, Tennessee and Virginia. Finally, we made our way back to Colorado for our final family move in 2004. My next 10 years were spent in Colorado until I moved to Midland, TX after graduating from Colorado School of Mines near Denver, CO. In Midland, I was working as a Field Engineer for Schlumberger performing hydraulic fracturing jobs throughout West Texas and New Mexico. I spent a year and a half in Midland before deciding to move on to pursue a different career opportunity with GE in Chicago, IL where I currently live.

As I mentioned earlier, my father was in the Navy and was a believer in purchasing houses every time we moved so they could be rented out once we left. He has been in the buy and hold business for some time now and it was a major reason he was able to retire earlier than most. He is the reason I first developed interest in the Real Estate game.

As for how I got connected with BiggerPockets, I read Brandon Turner's "The Book on Rental Property Investing" and the site was mentioned in there. I'm very excited to use this as a resource to help build my real estate knowledge base as well as a go to when I have questions or concerns.

I am a HUGE baseball fan. My favorite team is the Colorado Rockies. 2017 is our year! I am also an avid skier and enjoy getting outside and traveling with my girlfriend, Taber.

Thanks for reading this summary. Feel free to reach out!

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