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  • How to buy bank owned house that's not for sale
    Started December 21, 2017
    I stumbled across a house I'd like to buy and live in but it is not listed for sale; it hasn't been on the market for years. On the county assessors records, it says Bank of Ame... See more
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  • help analyzing hypothetical deal
    Started October 18, 2017
    Newbie here still practicing deal analysis before making the plunge. Any number junkies care to see how well I'm doing with the below analysis? It's for buying land and building... See more
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  • For those that BRRRR out of state...
    Started October 15, 2017
    ...would you mind explaining the process? I'm a newbie interested in a property out of state. Can you do it all from afar or do you need to make at least one trip out in person ... See more
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