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  • Getting Investor Website
    Replied December 2, 2008
    Jeff, what is your technical background? Are you able to reinvent the wheel? Here are three suggestions: 1. Use a templated site, be SURE it has an IDX option (it is well wo... See more
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  • How to Promote a Real Estate Tool
    Replied December 1, 2008
    The fastest way is to advertise on the bigger sites that attract agents. That said, by having someone dedicated to being the "face" person of your company and spending time con... See more
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  • How to Use This and Other Forums for Marketing
    Replied October 22, 2008
    I signed up a few weeks ago to participate here and read that article as affirmation. I love what you've got going on here and that you do a great job of keeping everything on ... See more
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